Transforming Energy Awareness for a Sustainable Future

Greenplay project

GreenPlay turns the gamer in you into a flagbearer of energy conservation and sustainability.

Crafting a Sustainable Future with Serious Gaming

GreenPlay strives to spread awareness of sustainability measures through the concept of serious gaming to attract more people towards a good cause.

Energizing Awareness

The first step to energy conversation is knowing about it and understanding its importance. That’s the main aim of the GreenPlay Project.

Strategic Sustainability

Sustainability cannot be achieved overnight. It is a continuous process. GreenPlay uses serious gaming as their strategy to achieve it.

Community Impact

GreenPlay uses rewards and incentives to motivate increased player participation in energy conservation, making a larger-than-life impact.

GreenPlay in Action: Demonstrating Sustainable Living

To walk the talk, GreenPlay, alongside gaming, uses real-life demonstration as a means to observe, improve, and establish the impact of energy conservation.

Inspiring Green Living in 200 Homes

GreenPlay brings 200 homes in different cities under surveillance to monitor their energy consumption and conservation patterns in real time.

Reshaping Energy Consumption Habits

The players will be motivated to change their energy consumption habits to prevent unnecessary energy consumption and tap it.

Impact: 30% Energy Reduction

If the homes stick to the energy conservation step, a significant drop of 30% can be witnessed, making this initiative a huge success.

What Our Participants Say

See what our participants have to say about us!
GreenPlay is turning our vices into virtues. Not only are we adding meaning to fun, but also making a greener impact on the environment.
Joyce L. Lambert
I am a long-time supporter of the GreenPlay initiative, and I must say it has drastically changed my habits and made me a more energy-conscious and responsible citizen.
Roger L. Palmore
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