Villefontaine and Isle d’Abeau are municipalities located in the northwest of the Isère area in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

These two cities have approximately 35 000 inhabitants (18 000 inhabitants for Villefontaine and 16 000 for the Isle d’Abeau).

They are part of the Lyon urban area and belong to the agglomeration community Porte de l’Isere.

This community has been engaged in a territory development process regarding sustainable development, in particular on issues relating to eco-construction and sustainable management.

Porte de l’Isère is nowadays integrated to the Rhône-Alpes Project (GPRA) “Sustainable North Isère” and has been awarded “Positive Energy Territory” (TEPOS).

Demonstration objectives

The demonstration will take place in three European cities chosen in Spain and in France, and will reach at least 200 homes.

The targeted homes will be placed in public buildings.

In Villefontaine and Isle d’Abeau, OPAC 38 is in charge of homes selection.

Approximately 417 homes were pre-selected for the GreenPlay experiment for a total of around 70 homes in Isère for the demonstration.