A game, designed for a purpose other than pure entertainment.

What is a serious game?

A serious game is a game designed for a purpose other than pure entertainment. They are an innovative training tool to help developing different kind of skills. The fast-feedback and the freedom of a Serious Game encourage learners to increase the number of trials and experiences while transforming their potential and skills into knowledge. A serious game adds value beyond entertainment. This kind of games are associated to the education and learning of new concepts and skills, but are also used for increasing awareness around an issue.

Serious games as incentives for behavioral change

Serious games can be used among others to raise awareness of issues related to energy-use by getting players more or less emotionally involved, changing their behaviors.

The Serious Game can engage players and a motivating script will increase the results of awareness actions.

Presentation of the GreenPlay Game

Greenplay Game has the goal of raising awareness about energy consumption to encourage players to consume less energy. Players can introduce some of their house energy consumption parameters to go on in the game. These data will have a direct impact on the course of the game allowing the players to buy items or get bonuses. The game is scheduled for late 2015.

Greenplay Game will be multiplatform. Players can use it from pc, mobile and tablets, so that players will be able to participate from anywhere whenever you want.

How to participate to the experimentation

If people want to participate in the experiment, they can do it in two ways: with or without sensors that monitor the energy use at home. Without the sensors, players will only be able to play with people who do not have them. As playing with sensors, the game will also serve players to raise awareness about the importance of reducing energy consumption, but it will lack personalized help and tips.

If players have the sensors, the data obtained will have a direct impact on the future of the game. Reduce energy consumption at home to move faster and win the game!