The Basque Country and the southern Landes in southwestern France is the territory considered for the project demonstration.

The Basque country has around 290 000 inhabitants on 3 000 km² and is organised in 158 municipalities distributed in 8 “communities of communes” (or Communauté de Communes in French) and 2 agglomeration communities. In the South Landes, there are approximately 160 000 inhabitants and four “communities of communes”. The rental park of COL gathers 2 000 dwellings: 1 300 rental houses in the Pyrénées Atlantiques and 700 houses in the Lands.

In February 2015, the Basque Country has been awarded as “Positive Energy Territory for Green Growth” (TEPCV) by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. This territory is hence committed to reduce energy needs of its inhabitants, buildings, economic, transports and leisure activities through a global action plan.

The city of Garazi-Baigorri has been committed since 2013 in an initiative towards “Positive Energy Territory” (TEPOS).

Demonstration objectives

The demonstration will take place in three European cities chosen in Spain and in France, and will reach at least 200 homes.

The targeted homes will be placed in public buildings in the French cities.

SA group of three partners has been selected in Basque Country and Landes to target the demonstration dwellings: COL, I-ENER and Courte Echelle.

 Approximately 455 homes were pre-selected for the GreenPlay experiment for a total of around 70 homes in Isère for the demonstration.